Disputing Erroneous Credit

If there are errors on your credit report, correcting these items will often improve your credit scores, and help us get you a better loan.  Since many lenders require that all collections be settled, the more we can get removed, the better.

The quickest way to do this is probably online.  Try Equifax (, TransUnion ( and Experian ( You can also mail in your dispute to the addresses provided below. Keep in mind that addresses and phone numbers are subject to change.  It may be wise to check the web sites to verify the current addresses and phone numbers.

Dispute the following items: Include name, address, social, and complete account number if you have it.  (Account Numbers on your credit may be partial) If you have documentation that  helps prove that an item is not yours or is incorrectly reported be sure to include a copy.  Otherwise, say that they are not yours, and anything else that you can truthfully say that will help your case.

Please give us a call anytime you have questions, and please keep me in mind for your friends and family.  We make our living form the referrals we get from people like you.

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